Full Stack consultancy in the development of a staffing application.

Status: Active development. (Private Project, NTL)

Urology Portal

Upgrade the UI of the portal for the department of urology, with better UX.

Status: Finished. (Private Project, UCSF)

Data grid web component based on Polymer.

Status: Active contributor.

Converts any Polymer based element into GWT widget.

Status: Active contributor.

Polymer elements presented as GWT widgets for Java developers.

Status: Active contributor.

Simple Polymer based web component for currency conversion.

Status: Active project management.

Add Maven archetype as a default project generator, and deprecate the usage of Ivy.

Status: Active contributor.

Maven archetype, modified project from vaadin-archetype-application, to use Vaadin Spring add-on.

Status: Active contributor.

Sample tutorial for official Vaadin Spring add-on.

Status: Active contributor.

Port community work into an official Vaadin add-on.

Status: Active contributor.

Solve bugs.

Status: Active contributor.

Small racer game using the Vaadin Grid component.

Status: Didn't decide yet.

Command line based, telnet chat with simple commands.

Status: Didn't decide yet.

Cloud based 3D processing and rendering on browser and mobile app.

Status: Private development.

EBS Endeca Integration

Integrate Endeca technologies inside the core of Oracle E-Business Suite.

Create a new Mobile application to connect to the back end, and provide highly available back end with clustering and distributed load.

Status: No longer working in the project. (Private Project, Oracle)

Android app with web based interface to take and store notes.

Status: Development paused.

Dental Diagnostics

Desktop application for 2D processing and 3D manipulation of medical data to diagnose and analyze patient information.

With 3D rendering, interactive 3D, and advanced highly accurate data processing.

Status: No longer leading the project. (Private Project, 3DDX)

Medical Connect App

Mobile application for interaction between doctors and business unit. Socialize between clinics and hospitals, and display charts and relevant reports.

Status: No longer leading the project. (Private Project, 3DDX)

Medical Connect

Web application for interaction between doctors and business unit.

Securely transfer a huge amount of files and share them with a specific set of clinics and hospitals.

Status: No longer owning the project. (Private Project, 3DDX)

Advanced cryptographic algorithms implementations using different technics.

Status: Paused.

Architecture App

Architecture life cycle application, with client app to be used on site and server to generate reports.

Status: Discontinued. (Private Project, Baccah)

The classic Battleship game, made for Nokia devices using QT.

Status: Discontinued.